A Comprehensive, Self-Directed Course Library
Made Specifically for Guides

All the information you will need is at your fingertips
in this impressive resource library.

Your Way - Your Pace:

Our goal has always been to keep focus on planning a guiding practice that is authentic to your way of being. We believe in honoring the way and speed that you want to move through the material. Creating a practice happens over time and because of that we have designed the resources to be there over time, from planning and visioning into launching and thru maintaining and fine tuning what you've built.

Ease of Use:

True to the way we are guides, this self-directed version of our program is invitational and allows you to do things in an order that best suits you. Find answers as you need them.
  • Follow your curiosity: You can dive into any part of the course at any time.
  • Powerful search: You can also use the powerful search function to target lessons with the topics and keywords you are looking for at the click of a button.
  • "Trail map" guide: You can use our course "trail map" to guide you through everything A to Z.

Uniquely Designed for Trained Guides:

Our comprehensive, self-directed course library is made specifically for guides. The course begins with a trail map to guide you through everything A to Z, and then importantly spends some time with setting intentions and mindset. 

Acorn Programs

“Tam and Nadine have crafted a business strategy course for guides based on the organic practice of guiding. Refreshingly, they encourage participants to take questions around business development to the land. Their nature wander exercises create a path for exploring one’s intentions on the macro scale at the outset of the course and focus in on the micro scale of their business near the finish.”

Forest Therapy Guide

What is included in the online course library:

  • Self-Directed Guided Nature Explorations to support your own visioning. Just as we do in our guiding, we have an ethic of partnering with nature in the creating our businesses, as we weave our guiding practices into the tamed world. Our signature 8-part nature exploration series designed to support your path of building your guiding practices. 
  • Permanent Access: Purchase of this self-directed course library or the live mentored sessions with the online course library, gives you access to the course library permanently. Come back whenever you need to, to revisit materials, see new additions, etc.
  • Worksheets and Templates: We have over a dozen worksheets and templates geared specifically for guides that you can print or use online with archivable versions. 
  • Videos: Dozens of videos where Nadine and Tam share mindset moments that keep you grounded and personal stories from their own experience.
  • Over 80 Lessons: We are very proud of our course library and all the materials we have assembled for guides. Using care and creativity we have put time and effort as well as heart and soul into this course library specifically tailored for guides.
  • Community Forum: Access to a privately hosted community forum on the same platform as the course to share resources and stories. 
  • Expert Guest Content: Included within the online materials are recorded webinars from experts in several areas that bring another layer of more in depth expertise. 
  • Self Care and Celebration: Tools for tending yourself, your practice and our relationships.

*What is not included:

Tech support for online technology in not included. We do our best to point you in the right direction to instructional videos for the specific technology platforms and we sometimes have someone we can refer you to if you want to hire someone. Most importantly, we have a ton of empathy for how daunting it can feel to be a beginner and learn new things. We have been there ourselves as we learned new things. 

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Acorn Programs

“Tam and Nadine have put together an incredibly rich collection of materials and an engaging community space to support you as you develop your guiding practice.”

Forest Therapy Guide

Acorn Programs

“The Acorn Program is a well-planned, well-thought out compilation of information needed to help launch/re-launch a Forest Bathing business.”

Forest Therapy Guide

Acorn Programs

“Tam and Nadine are amazing at content and even more amazing at their heart and how they deliver with the right amount of support but encouragement to meet our edges.”

Forest Therapy Guide

Who is this course for:

  • Trained Guides:  Forest Therapy Guides, Forest Bathing Guides, Mindful Outdoor Guides, Wilderness Guides, Backcountry and Registered Guides, and other types of Guides. 
  • You want your guiding business to be in line with your authentic way of being in the world

  • You don't necessarily want a business but you do want to guide more regularly
  • You want an active guiding practice and are ready and willing to develop your business
  • You want to connect with other professional guides to work through challenges and share ideas
  • You want to zero in on a niche that is most meaningful to you

  • You want to find a clear vision and mission and could use some support professionalizing your practice 


What am I not getting, that is in the more expensive version of the program? 

This option only gives access to our online course library. You will not be able to join the 8 Monthly instructor-led live group-mentoring sessions or participate in the ongoing self-directed peer-to-peer working groups. The live sessions & presentations cover topics such as:

  • Marketing & Promotion
  • Websites and Writing Content
  • Graphics and Newsletters
  • Branding and Niching
  • Permitting and Building Relationships
  • Waivers and Insurance
  • Legal Considerations and Business Structures
  • Networking with Land Managers and Organizations

If I purchase the self-directed course library and later decide that I want to upgrade to the version with the Monthly instructor-led live group-mentoring sessions and self-directed peer-to-peer working groups, can I?

Yes! Email us and we'll make arrangements to charge you the difference. 

I'm currently still in my guide training program. Can I sign up now or should I wait until I fully complete my training?

To get the most out of this program, we recommend that guides have completed their training or be at least three quarters into their guide training before starting this program. 

How much time is required to participate in the course?

It depends what you are working on.  To get the most out of this program, we recommend setting aside 8-10 hours per month.

  • Live Sessions are two hours long and happen monthly with a Tuesday morning or Sunday afternoon option

  • The online course work is self-directed. Go at your own pace. You may continue to work with the course materials after the program is finished as you will continue to have access to the online course indefinitely. 

  • Peer-to-peer working groups are optional and we suggest that they meet once per month

When can I start?

Enroll now to gain access to the online course.  Live sessions start back up in October 2022. 

We have put not only our knowledge, but also our heart and soul into creating this comprehensive online resource for new guides.

Instructors Tam and Nadine