A Business and Practice Development Program for Guides


A community of guides planning, creating, and tending their guiding practices

nature-based approach to marketing, uniquely designed for trained guides who are interested in building their guiding practice, via instructor-led live group-mentoring sessions and permanent access to an extensive online resource library.

Sale Pricing

  • Spring Sale 2024 - $500 (Available thru May 31st)
  • Summer Sale 2024 - $600 (Available thru August 31st)
  • September Sale 2024 - $700 (Available thru Sept 30th)
  • Regular Full Price 2024 - $800

(Sale pricing may not be combined with any other discounts or promotions) 

What is included in this program:

1) An 8-part nature exploration series designed to support your path of building your guiding practices. 

2) Access to an extensive online resource library that includes downloadable/printable PDFs & worksheets that can be done electronically or printed, videos, readings, and business and marketing resources geared specifically for guides, as well as self-directed guided nature explorations to support your own visioning. 

3) Tools for tending yourself, your practice and relationships. Provides ongoing accountability, encouragement, support, and celebration of progress. 

4) Access to a privately hosted community forum on the same platform to share resources and stories.

5) Ongoing self-directed peer-to-peer working groups with 4-6 group members (Optional and will be set up by the facilitators based on participant's interest and availability. A facilitation guide will be provided for working groups to follow or adapt as best suits.)

6) 8 instructor-led live group-mentoring sessions covering topics such as:

  • Marketing & Promotion
  • Websites and Writing Content
  • Graphics and Newsletters
  • Branding and Niching
  • Permitting and Building Relationships
  • Waivers and Insurance
  • Legal Considerations and Business Structures
  • Networking with Land Managers and Organizations
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Schedule: (Cohort 6)

  • 4:00pm - 6:00pm Eastern US Time on Sundays
  • Live sessions begin Sunday, November 3rd, 2024
  • Live Session Dates: 
    • Sunday, November 3rd, 2024
    • Sunday, November 17th, 2024
    • Winter Break: December to January 26th
    • Sunday, January 26th, 2025
    • Sunday, February, 9th, 2025
    • Sunday, February, 23rd, 2025
    • Sunday, March 9th, 2025
    • Sunday, March 23rd, 2025
    • Sunday, April 6th, 2025

Please be in touch with us if you have any questions: info@acornprograms.com

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Who is this program for:

  • Trained Guides such as Forest Therapy GuidesForest Bathing Guides, Mindful Outdoor Guides, Wilderness Guides, Backcountry and Registered Guides, and other types of Guides. If you have been trained in a similar modality and are interested in finding out if you are eligible for this program, please contact us.

Guides who want:

  • A guiding business in alignment with your authentic way of being in the world

  • To guide more regularly and don't necessarily want a business
  • An active guiding practice and are ready and willing to develop their business
  • To connect with other professional guides to work through challenges and share ideas
  • To zero in on a meaningful niche

  • Clarity on a vision and mission and could use some support professionalizing your practice 

  • Ongoing accountability, encouragement, support, and celebration of your progress
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Acorn Programs

“The Acorn Program is a well-planned, well-thought out compilation of information needed to help launch/re-launch a Forest Bathing business. Tam and Nadine are excellent instructors leading and holding space for everyone right where they are in their journey. I would highly recommend this course for newly trained and experienced guides. There is something for everyone! ”

Forest Therapy Guide

Acorn Programs

“The worksheets and other assignments has made a huge contribution to our business development and saved us days of wasted effort and conflict by making it fast and easy to clarify and concisely define our goals. We can't wait to gather all of the learning in this excellent program and put it to practical use as we build success in our new guiding business!”

Forest Therapy Guide

Acorn Programs

“Tam and Nadine have created a wonderful business class for guides! This class has inspired, motivated and supported me on my journey of continuing to create my guiding practice. The time spent with this class and all the amazing tools and materials has been amazing! I highly recommend it.”

Forest Therapy Guide


I'm currently still in my guide training program. Can I sign up now or should I wait until I fully complete my training?

To get the most out of this program, we recommend that guides have either completed their training or be at least halfway through their guide training before starting this program. 

How much time is required to participate in the program?

The answer to this really varies as it depends what you are working on and what your person goals are. To be actively engaged in this program we recommend setting aside 6 hours per month.

  • Live Sessions are two hours long.

  • The online resource library and worksheets are designed for you to utilize as you need them. Go at your own pace. You may continue to work with the resource materials after the program is finished. You will continue to have access to the resource library indefinitely.

  • Peer-to-peer working groups are optional and we suggest that they meet once per month.

What happens on a live session? What's the difference between the live sessions and the resource library? What if I can't attend the live sessions?

Our live sessions are hosted on Zoom which is a free and user-friendly app. Links to our live Zoom session will be available to you once you register. Leading up to our first session, we recommend that you download Zoom onto your phone and computer and you can do this here: https://zoom.us/.

All sessions are recorded. If you can't attend the live sessions you will still have access to all the recordings.

What do I need to participate?

  • A willingness to explore and experiment

  • An internet connection and a device with the ability to use Zoom (computer, tablet, phone, etc.)
  • Your preferred writing or note taking materials (pen, paper, tablet, notebook, colored pencils, etc.)

When can I start?

Enroll now to gain access to the resource library immediately.  Check the live session schedule above. 

We'd love to have you join us!

Instructors Tam and Nadine
Acorn Programs

“Tam and Nadine have crafted a business strategy course for guides based on the organic practice of guiding. Refreshingly, they encourage participants to take questions around business development to the land. Their scroll exercises create a path for exploring one’s intentions on the macro scale at the outset of the course and focus in on the micro scale of their business near the finish of the 8 sessions together. I have spent a lot of money and time on Marketing strategists who sold me a package of “outstanding success” and left me with shallow interpretations of what I wanted to achieve and strategies better suited for a client from their textbooks. By basing their approach on the fundamentals of listening, witnessing and sharing, Tam and Nadine help to foster the ecology of community-based business - through group shares, peer support groups and information from their own experiences. I’d recommend this course for any one…not just guides.”

Forest Therapy Guide

Sale Pricing

  • Spring Sale 2024 - $500 (Available thru May 31st)
  • Summer Sale 2024 - $600 (Available thru August 31st)
  • September Sale 2024 - $700 (Available thru Sept 30th)
  • Regular Full Price 2024 - $800

(Sale pricing may not be combined with any other discounts or promotions)